Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A list of things I have learned in the last two years:

+ I am a very difficult woman.
+ It is possible to have tonsillitis for an entire year and not know it.
+ Sleeping around is totally overrated.
+ When you work in a warehouse, it is very easy to get shocked.
+ My cat likes vanilla yogurt the most.
+ It is bad to drink whiskey cream, gin, and beer all within two hours.
+ I feel like a retard when I wear pink.
+ I resent the moon.
+ I am quite possibly unlovable.
+ If you are planning on getting a matching tattoo with someone, make sure the other person gets it on the same day as you so
you dont sound like a dumbass when you have to explain that the other half of the tattoo doesn't exist.
+ I am very medium sized. Not small, not big, medium.
+ I can hiss in my sleep (apparently it is very guttural).
+ I talk, kick, snore and sometimes scream in my sleep.
+ I dont really like making wishes anymore, I just do it out of obligation.
+ Shadows can be fun, but only when you are by yourself.
+ T.V. night (wednesday) is my favorite day of the week.
+ Getting a BFA is too easy.
+ I don't think I learn enough.

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Anonymous said...

+I feel like a rere when I wear pink too! I've always hated it, even since I was weeee.
+You are right about matching tats. The other 1/2 of mine exists, probably because we went and got them together.
+T.V. night is my favorite too. Besides bro-down nights, but those aren't as regular.