Thursday, October 12, 2006


This is the story of three girlies on a trip to Wisconsin.

Clearly, off to a smashing start.

Two thirds of the D-cup film club.

I am appalled about something . . .

. . . lil' chub. Really who are they marketing?

Then I got an intense craving for porno. So we stopped at the only porn store in Wisconsin, apparently.

Horrah! Porn acquired!

Commence the reading of porn in the back seat.

Mini pizzas are awesome and go good with porn.

Dawn likes the boys too, even though she is a grown up mommy type.

Dawn found ten dollars on the ground and we spent it all on scratch-offs until it was no more.

Kristina digs porn too.

A lot.

Reading the articles.

Seriously folks.


Well, it was Sunday, so we had to stop and get some off-sale before we crossed the border. Damnit.

Yay! Brews and porn for Minne-snow-ta!

Life is grand.

And on a closing note, in the words of young Sir Fowler, "weeee and whatnot."

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