Monday, September 18, 2006

A lady wears her hair up.

Feet don't touch the fucking ground. I think this is what people mean when they say that they are feeling rather 'ungrounded'. Floating past you and you and you. Terrible sociable. Terribly good at being sweet and pleasant and giving that on top of my shit vibe. I think. Still though, having a hard time doing what I used to be so good at. Clearly, I cant even string together one sentence to another. What was the last one again? I've been reclusive for the last while now, and re-assimilation is a bitch my darlings. My inside parts hurt tonight. Long stories abound. Head head spinning, spinning, spinning. Probably having an anxiety attack, but the beer I am currently drinking is doing a good job of clouding over certain whatever. So keeping things and people at a safe distance. I dont mind myself. I do well by myself. Myself has needs, is the thing. That sounds trampy. It is and it isnt. Mostly isnt. Its nice to talk.

I'm a bit tired now. I will probably delete this in the morning.

Yes, it is that time. That time indeed.

Crows and octopi will make you safe. In that over-protected-rag-doll sort of way, which is the kind of safe that I am interested in.

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