Saturday, December 03, 2005

In case you wanted to know me better...

...but don't 'cause I'm too much of a hermit or I don't like you.

10 likes (in no particular hierarchy)
- when cats look at you while they are half asleep
- the sun in my eyes (especially when it glares off of my eyelashes)
- green colored candy
- baking my own bread (and eating it before it gets cold)
- eating desert with my dad
- any kind of baby (especially fond of cute puppies)
- ridiculously sad movies
- the smell of a pillow after a boy sleeps on it
- kisses on my shoulders
- walking down an alley and smelling a laundry room vent

10 dislikes (in no particular order)
- passing people on foot on the sidewalk (I feel like I am being really aggressive)
- seeing people who are mentally disabled cry (i feel so helpless, then I start crying)
- broccoli (most green vegetables, actually)
- reading a book more than once (except for Lolita, and franny and zooey)
- being interrupted
- when people talk at movies they don't like (just leave, 'cause someone probably likes it and you are ruining it for them)
- walking out on movies before they are finished (I even stayed through Naquoikatsi *sp)
- being asked if I answer the phones at Cinequipt (I have never answered the phones, but I do check the oil on the semis, check in equipment that weighs more than GOD, make deliveries to film sets, host dance party friday in the warehouse, and once I pushed 1 ton of sand bags on a cable cart like 45 feet)
- driving downtown
- getting tickled

10 things I don't really know how I feel about (order shmorder)
- walking on the cracks in the sidewalk
- boys who pluck their eyebrows
- getting lost
- poetry
- stealing
- when you catch someone staring at you and you make eye contact over and over to get them to stop and they just keep staring
- orange candy
- emoticons
- the validity of wikipedia as an accredited resource
- climate

I love my family very much.

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