Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I felt a ghost today.

I was driving home from work today when something amazing happened to me. I had been in a funk all morning, just kinda filled with all sorts of nameless anxieties. I turned onto third downtown and an ambulance passed me so close and so fast that it took my breath away. Moderately stunned I pulled up to a red light. The light changed and I pulled forward to the next intersection. As I was approaching a green light at the next intersection I heard a fire truck and hit the breaks kinda spastically. In like five seconds I felt my car shake twice and was choked by my seat belt. I looked in my rear view mirror seconds before I was hit and saw the guy behind me hit his face on the windshield so hard that it cracked it (the windshield, not his face, well kinda his face). Totally confused, I threw it into park and got out to see what happened. I was the first car in a three-car pile up. The middle car was totaled, it looked like a really big person picked it up and squished it between their fingers. The second car was smoking. Of the two guys who hit me, neither spoke English, and both were yelling at me in different languages. I just stood there in the middle of traffic dazed while cars passed me on either side. There was a breeze on either side of me from the cars and my hair was in my eyes, not that it mattered, because my eyes were shut so tight tears were coming out. My car was in the middle of the intersection and I kept my eyes closed as and ran to the other two cars hoping people would see me. The police came and one of them talked to my mom on the phone. My hands were shaking like crazy and I left my cigarettes in the car, which was still sitting in the middle of the intersection. One of the police asked if he could use my notebook which I was gripping for dear life and when he opened it up, it opened up right to the page that had a drawing of a banana with HUGE eraser nipples and its peel down saying ‘lick my nipples’ in lightning bolt letters. He gave me a really queer look and all I could think to say was "I go to art school". After I left I felt amazing for the rest of the day. And at the end of a very long day, one of my best friends proposed to me. I said yes. All I could think about all day was, 'If I had died, my mom would have lost two children in car accidents'.

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Josh Kleinberg said...

all of the words should be as honest as these.