Friday, November 25, 2005

Crimson and Clover

I may have the shittiest, coldest, most green carpet covered bedroom in my house, however, I have undoubtedly the best view. When I'm getting ready in the morning, right next to my vanity is two small windows (well actually one is a door to the balcony but it is really weak so I can't go out there). From those two windows I can see clear over the nasty crack ridden alley (I’m serious kids are always lurking and smoking out there) to a lovely canopy of trees and a large church spire. After that I can see where the suburbs start and a large hill swells up, covered in bone-dry trees. In the morning it is particularly beautiful when the sun is rising and the sky is magenta and crimson, and the church spire is silhouetted. In the morning all sorts of birds fly around, and they are also silhouetted. It has been a few months of waking up to this and it still takes my breath away. It is the second best view in the world, next to the view of the balcony of the Brikette hostile in Positano, Italy. You have not felt the world spin until you watch the sun rise from my bedroom window with "crimson and clover" playing on the radio, and a warm sleeping body in the bed behind you.

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